Revit Import/Export Add-In

Brad Fox -

The Import-Export Add-In for Revit (available here) allows for the opening of AutoSPRINK drawings from within Revit, as well as the export of Revit drawings which can be opened from within AutoSPRINK, all using a common file format: .MRV.

After installation of the Add-In and the required Access Database Engine (available at the bottom of this page), users need only open Revit, open a new Mechanical Template (if importing into Revit) or an existing Revit drawing (if exporting to an .MRV file), and then navigate to the Add-Ins tab. This menu allows access to External Tools commands in a flyout button.  

Only the current View from within Revit will be exported to an .MRV file. The .MRV file format is designated to handle 3D adequately; 2D Views should still be exported to the .DWG file format. Many users may find it more appealing to change the Detail Level from ‘Coarse’ to ‘Fine’ Before exporting; this drastically reduces the appearance of thick, dark lines for elements when being imported and viewed in AutoSPRINK. Though many elements will be imported into AutoSPRINK as polytriangles, subsequent updates to this Add-In will introduce new familiarity with elements and their properties, should their translation be feasibly read by AutoSPRINK or Revit.



This post on our forums discusses the process in great detail.

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    Dwain Wood

    It would be nice to have a link to the add-in in this article.

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