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In some situations, it is necessary to find and reattach a Base of Riser Check Point Gauge. Typically, these gauges are hidden.


Find the Base of Riser Check Point Gauge

Use the Select menu to select all Check Point Gauges, click Select > Every > Check Point Gauge.

The status bar will update to show how many Check Point Gauges are in the drawing and selected:


Un-hide the Check Point Gauges

With the Check Point Gauges selected, click Settings > Properties (or use the keyboard shortcut Alt+Enter).

Click the "Hidden - Keep gauge hidden from view" box so that it is unchecked then click OK.


From this point, it is possible to locate the Base of Riser Check Point Gauge by using Zoom to Selection. Press the End key or click View > Camera > Zoom > Selection.


Attach the Base of Riser Check Point Gauge

The BOR Check Point Gauge will generally be located near the base of a Riser.

Select it and snap the end of the end of the Leader Line to the base of the Riser. Optionally, open the properties of the Base of Riser Check Point Gauge and check the box to hide it again.

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