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You can use the Parts Book Editor to modify almost any aspect of a user created part. It is inadvisable to modify Manufacturer parts, to create User parts, see the article Creating Fittings and Valves.

Click Parts Database > Edit Parts Book Item.

If you have just clicked Create Part in the Add New Parts Book Item dialogue, your newly created part will already be chosen for modification.

If you place an item in a drawing, select it, then open the Parts Book Editor, the selected part will already be chosen for modification.


Item Data Tab

If the item that you wish to modify is not selected, you can use the menus on the top left side of the Parts Book Editor to select the item.

You can make changes to basic information relating to your part on the Item Data tab.


Item Size Data Tab

On the Item Size Data tab, you can add or remove sizes*, add part numbers and costs, and modify equivalent lengths.
*Note that when you choose to add sizes to a part, they are added with plain end preps by default and must be modified on the Item Outlet Data tab.


Item Outlet Data Tab

On the Item Outlet Data tab you can modify the appearance and functionality of a part. Any green field may be modified by clicking it twice. Angle of Inclination  and the X, Y, and Z Vectors rarely need to be modified, a more advanced description of these values can be found on the "Item Outlet Data (Advanced)" article.


 PRV Rating Data Tab

 The PRV Rating Data Tab is not currently used.


Item Component Data Tab

The Item Component Data Tab is only used with Trim Kits, Hangers, and Sway Brace Pipe Clamps and is covered in the articles "Creating Hangers" and "Creating Sway Braces"


Trim Kit Link Data Tab

The Trim Kit Link Data Tab can be used to add trim material to individual components (e.g. escutcheons for sprinklers, drip cups for dry valves, and bolt and gasket kits for flanges).

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