Hydraulic Calculation Troubleshooting - No Flow

Brad Fox -

When encountering this error with hydraulic calculations in AutoSPRINK, there are a few basic steps that can be taken to resolve the issue.


Color Pipes By - Ability to Flow from Supply*
*Not available in AutoSPRINK Lite

First, check that the system has flow to the desired remote areas by using the Color pipes by... feature (View > Color Pipes By… > Ability to Flow From Supply). 

This feature will show the pipes with connection to the supply as blue and the pipes without flow as grey, showing where the flow stops.

Check Outlets

A common source of hydraulic error is pipes which are not connected properly as shown below.

Once the problem area has been identified, the connections to that particular pipe or can be checked by opening its properties, then navigating to the Outlets tab. The connection status of each outlet will be shown color coded for easy visibility.



Check Sprinkler Connections

Another common flow issue arises when sprinklers are not properly connected. Sometimes after the ability to flow from supply test has shown there is flow to the branch lines, the sprinkler connection status still needs to be checked in the problem area. The connection status can be checked by opening the properties of the sprinklers and navigating to the Sprinkler Fitting tab:


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