Creating Fittings and Valves

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The simplest method of creating your own parts is to clone an existing generic part.


Step 1: Select an Existing Part to Clone

Click Parts Database > Add New Parts Book Item then choose the part you would like to clone:

In Step 1 of the Add New Parts Book Items dialogue, you can choose to Define a New Part from Scratch or to Select an Existing Part to Clone. In this example, we are cloning a Grooved 90.


Step 2: Basic Definition of Your New Item

Fill in basic information about your new item:

In Step 2 of the Add New Parts Book Items dialogue, you will fill out basic information about the part that you are creating. In this example, we are creating Victaulic Galvanized Grooved 90° Elbows. It is very important that you only create your parts as User Parts.


Step 3: Select Available Sizes and Create Part

In Step 3, you can control which sizes of your item are available. These choices are limited by the available sizes of the part that you chose to clone but you can add or remove sizes later.

Click Create Part.

Clicking Create Part launches the Parts Book Editor which you will need to use to finish creating your part. See the article "Editing Parts" for information on using the Parts Book Editor.

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