No License Servers can be reached

Brad Fox -


Cause: Your computer is not connected to the internet or a firewall/proxy is blocking access to M.E.P.CAD's license servers.



1. Test your internet connection - try multiple sites.

     If you're not able to connect to any websites, contact your ISP.


2. Attempt to access our license site - (You will not be able to log in).

     If you're able to access other websites but not our licensing site, it's likely that our server is down. We will           already be aware of the issue and will be working to resolve it. Try reaching the site later.


3. Configure your firewall/proxy.

     Many corporate offices are behind a firewall. Forward the following information to your IT department.

          In order for AutoSPRINK to communicate with our licensing server, the following exceptions must be                     made to any firewall or proxy

               * Port 80 - SOAP over HTTP
               * Port 433 - SOAP over HTTPS



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