Sprinklers Not Appearing When Plotting

Brad Fox -

Sprinklers are present on the Sheet tab, in the View but do not show when plotted.



Step 1:

Check the camera elevation in the properties of the View element.

The Cartesian coordinates of the camera are shown in X, Y, Z format here:


The elevation of the camera is the Z coordinate.



Step 2:

In the Model, use Verify Elements (Commands > Verify Elements) to locate any element that exceeds the elevation of the camera. Make a note of the ID.

*Make a note of the units used in both the Camera Position and Verify Elements. Conversion may be necessary.



Step 3:

Select then flatten or lower the offending elements.

Click Select > By ID... then enter the ID(s) of the elements.

Use Actions > Flatten to drop the elements to 0' or manually lower them any desired distance.




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